Watch: ZAKK WYLDE Joins ALICE IN CHAINS On Stage In Highland, California

Zakk Wylde joined ALICE IN CHAINS on stage last night (Thursday, October 5) at the Yaamava’ Theater in Highland, California to perform the iconic Seattle band’s classic song “Would?” Video of the PANTERA guitarist and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY frontman’s appearance can be seen below.

Last year, Wylde told Metal Hammer magazine that the “Dirt” power ballad “Down In A Hole” is his favorite ALICE IN CHAINS song of all time.

“I remember being on the road with ALICE IN CHAINS, and Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley came into my dressing room to jam on my electric guitar,” he said. “So I was getting them to blast those songs out, playing the whole ‘Dirt’ album, basically. They get to ‘Down In A Hole’ and I’m just floored. It’s so epic, and obviously when you hear the production on that track, you really feel it. The melody is amazing.”

More than a decade ago, Zakk spoke to ArtistDirect about how he was introduced to ALICE IN CHAINS‘ music. He said: “The first time I heard Jerry Cantrell and the boys was ‘Man In The Box’. Then there was ‘Sea Of Sorrow’. I was, like, ‘Dude, this stuff’s awesome!’ They played Long Beach Arena in 1989 on some metal thing with LYNCH MOB. I saw them there on ‘Facelift’, and it was way cool. All of their records are cool. They’re like LED ZEPPELIN records because they’re all different.

“I remember the first time Jerry played me ‘Dirt’ in the back of the tour bus. They were out with us on an Ozzy Osbourne tour. I was like, ‘Dude, this is fucking ridiculous.’ To me, that’s their ‘Led Zeppelin IV’, ‘Back In Black’ or The Black Album. For every band, the stars align on that record, and they’re primed and geared for that next jump. From beginning to the end, everything about that record is incredible.”

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ALICE IN CHAINS is playing a number of headlining shows this fall during the band’s tour as the support act for GUNS N’ ROSES.

Why, yes. That IS the great Zakk Wylde rockin’ out directly to my right in his trademark stance on “Would?”. And, since…

Posted by William DuVall on Friday, October 6, 2023