Watch: ATREYU Members Discuss Latest EP ‘The Moment You Find Your Flame’

In the seven-minute video below, the five members of ATREYU discuss their latest EP, “The Moment You Find Your Flame”, which is out now on Spinefarm.

“The Moment You Find Your Flame”, produced by ATREYU‘s longtime collaborator John Feldmann, reflects the struggle in recognizing one’s self-worth and it touches on internal battles, self-doubt, and insecurities that can overshadow one’s perception of their own abilities. The band has found its own flame, a metaphor for their soul-baring introspection and providing comfort and catharsis through music in the face of universal emotions that unite us all.

This four-track EP continues the journey set by “The Hope Of A Spark” EP, both integral parts of the upcoming album, “The Beautiful Dark Of Life”, scheduled for release later this year. Together, the EPs form the concluding chapter of the profound “Seasons Of Life” narrative within the album.

“We draw strength from each other and give each other the space and support to be the best, most creative person we can be,” guitarist Dan Jacobs explained. “And together, right now, that makes us the best band we’ve ever been.”

‘The Moment You Find Your Flame’ is the path you’ve set out on to recovery. You’ve followed the glimmer of hope and potential, and the way forward is beginning to reveal itself. But it is still only a little flame. It needs nurturing still,” said bassist/vocalist Marc “Porter” McKnight.

“Everything that we have put out to this point has built up to this moment,” concluded Jacobs. “Something special is happening with ATREYU right now. We can feel the creativity and collaboration when the five of us get in the studio. We can feel the confidence we all give each other when we stand on stage together. And we can see it in the audience when they’re losing their minds. They’re having as good a time as we are ourselves.”

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“The Moment You Find Your Flame” track listing:

01. Good Enough
02. Immortal
03. Gone
04. I Don’t Wanna Die

ATREYU will co-headline with MEMPHIS MAY FIRE on the “We Want Your Misery” tour starting August 27 in Ventura at the Ventura Theater with CATCH YOUR BREATH and ANOTHER DAY DAWNS as support.

ATREYU will join GODSMACK on September 5 in Pensacola at the Pensacola Bay Center for select dates then head back out on the “We Want Your Misery” tour followed by their Canadian run with IRON MAIDEN starting September 28.

ATREYU will perform at California – Is For Lovers and Rocklahoma 2023 ahead of the Canada dates.

ATREYU ushered in a new movement in heavy music. Their music seamlessly intertwines with formative experiences for a diverse legion of dedicated listeners, many of whom started their own bands. They’ve broken into the Top 10 in the Billboard 200 more than once; two of their albums, “The Curse” and “Lead Sails Paper Anchor”, are certified gold with two million albums sold worldwide and an encompassing 600 million streams. Their most recent album, “Baptize”, has clocked 65 million streams alongside a Top 10 at rock radio hit with “Warrior” featuring Travis Barker.

Where once the band was heralded as the early innovators of the nascent metalcore scene, their place in heavy music’s diverse and boundary-breaking scene has never felt more relevant, with inspirations of pop-punk, hardcore, thrash, ’80s rock, and more melding into a unique and varied sound that has never felt more relevant than in today’s increasingly genreless world.

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With a 20-year career and eight acclaimed albums in the rear-view mirror, ATREYU in 2023 is focused only on the present and the future, and a mission to continue shaping and defining the rock and metal scene, just as they have always done since their emergence from Huntington Beach in Southern California.