SUM 41’s DERYCK WHIBLEY Discharged From Hospital After Being Treated For Pneumonia

Deryck Whibley, the lead singer of the pop-punk band SUM 41, has been discharged from a hospital after being treated for pneumonia.

The 43-year-old musician was rushed to the emergency room Friday after his health took a turn for the worse.

Deryck and I were suppose to be in Chicago right now, celebrating our eight year wedding anniversary but the universe had a different plan for us,” his wife, Ariana Whibley, shared on Instagram alongside a photo of Deryck being wheeled into an ambulance as he was accompanied by two paramedics.

“We spent the entire night in the ER and will now be spending the next few days here in the hospital as he fights through pneumonia,” she added.

“The scariest part is that there is a lot of strain on his heart and they are telling us that there is a possibility of heart failure.

“This is obviously not our first time in a situation like this but it brings back a lot of really difficult memories seeing him back in a hospital bed connected to wires and IVs,” Ariana said of her husband.

Earlier today (Saturday, September 16),Ariana returned to Instagram to write: “I’m very happy to be giving this update.

Deryck was discharged after responding so well to his treatments. He is now under the care of his mother who is a registered nurse and myself. The pressure and strain on his heart and lungs has improved and he is able to breath without as much pain.

“I can’t tell you how truly grateful we are for the community around us. We knew we had support but the outpouring of love for our family has been absolutely overwhelming and we can’t begin to say how much it has meant to us and helped us stay positive through this.”

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Back in 2014, Deryck collapsed in his kitchen and was rushed to the hospital, before doctors revealed his liver and kidneys had failed. He was placed in a coma for a week to help his body detox from alcohol and went on to get sober and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Deryck has been married to Ariana since 2015. He was previously married to Avril Lavigne from 2006 to 2010.

In May, SUM 41 announced plans to split up following the completion of a worldwide tour in support of its upcoming album, “Heaven :x: Hell”.

SUM 41‘s storied 24-plus-year career includes over 15 million records sold worldwide, multiple Billboard-charting releases, a Grammy Award nomination, two Juno Awards (seven nominations),a Kerrang! Award in 2002, as well as multiple Alternative Press Music Awards.

In 2014, Deryck spent a month in the hospital after his drinking got out of control. He was on the brink of death and the 5-foot-7 rocker withered down to a very small frame at the time.

Photo credit: Ashley Osborn (courtesy of Big Picture Media)