STRYPER’s MICHAEL SWEET Launches ‘Melodic Rock’ Project SOLEDRIVER

Frontiers Music Srl has announced the upcoming debut album from SOLEDRIVER, a collaboration between two extremely talented and prolific songwriters, musicians and producers, Michael Sweet (STRYPER, BOSTON, ICONIC, SWEET & LYNCH) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (EDGE OF FOREVER, HARDLINE, JORN). The first single from the album, “Rise Again”, is out now accompanied by a music video.

“Return Me To Light” sees these two incredible talents joining forces to make a killer melodic rock album that only they could create. In their studio work, both Sweet and Del Vecchio have a shared vision of very detailed productions, and both love crystal-clear arrangements. But both never forget the power that a rock album needs to have, so “Return Me To Light” showcases great, powerful deliveries, but nothing overwhelms the vocals and beauty of the melodies. To put it simply, the album is melodic rock in the style of JOURNEY and FOREIGNER, but on steroids and with the unique Sweet and Del Vecchio sonic stamp on it.

Sweet says: “I’ve always been a metalhead at heart, but as much as I love metal, I love the melodic and ‘song’-oriented side of music. Songs that move you and songs that touch your soul. So many bands from the ’70s and ’80s did just that. I’m proud to say that as much as I listened to IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST, I also listened to LOVERBOY, TOTO, FOREIGNER, SURVIVOR, JOURNEY, and many others. That’s what makes me who I am today. Diversity. So, I’ve always wanted to do an album that takes you back to those days and here it is!”

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He adds: “Working with Alessandro Del Vecchio has been an absolute pleasure and he’s an amazing talent. We worked together to record and produce an album we’re both very proud of. Every song has something powerful to say yet makes its own statement musically and lyrically. I could not be more excited about this release and I’m blessed to be able to work with a company (Frontiers) that allows me to follow and capture my dreams.”

Del Vecchio says: “It all started during the pandemic when Frontiers asked me to write a collaboration song featuring multiple artists from the Frontiers roster. Michael and I got in touch about this and kept in contact ever since. I was surprised when Michael asked me to do an album together, one on which we would capture the melodic side of his singing and writing.

“We still couldn’t fully hold back the power and fire that Michael has, but what we accomplished on ‘Return Me To Light’ is something that really reflects what an album with the two of us really sounds like: melodic, anthemic, and with deep and spiritual lyrical messages.

He adds: “One of the many cool things about working with Michael on this album was him asking me to play all guitars on the album as well. This is something I never do, but he thought I was really capturing the essence of these songs. So, here I am for the first time delivering the guitar parts I had in my head while writing these songs.

“I’m very honored to be teamed up with Michael as we share the same love for great-sounding albums and we are perfectionists who never deliver below 100% and certainly always aim to go beyond our limits.

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“I’m sure you’re gonna end up singing, humming, and whistling these songs after you hear the album, while still being captured by the delivery of the vocals and the music, where passion, fire, and depth all melted into the essence of these songs.”

“Return Me To Light” track listing:

01. Rise Again
02. Anymore
03. Pieces Of Forever
04. Hope’s Holding You
05. Spinning Wheel
06. Out Of The Dark
07. Eternal Flame
08. To Be Saved
09. Return Me To Light
10. Soul Inside
11. Wounded

SOLEDRIVER recording lineup:

Michael Sweet – vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Michele Sanna – drums