SLAYER’s ‘Show No Mercy’ To Be Re-Released On Vinyl In Celebration Of Album’s 40th Anniversary

Formed in 1981, SLAYER assaulted the world with a new hybrid of metal and punk — heavier, faster and darker than the rest — and set a new standard, defining not only a genre, but an attitude. Throughout SLAYER‘s history, the band never faltered in unleashing their extreme and focused aural assault, and repudiating temptations, SLAYER always chose to remain crushing and brutal, steadfastly refusing to cater to the mainstream.

Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, “Show No Mercy” is the debut studio album by the American thrash metal masters. The LP was initially released on December 3, 1983, by Metal Blade Records, who, in honor of “Show No Mercy”‘s 40th anniversary, will be unleashing two unique pieces of vinyl for fans: a limited-edition “blood”-filled liquid vinyl — limited to 250 worldwide — and the “Show No Mercy (40th Anniversary Edition)” vinyl set that includes a gold black dust LP mastered for vinyl from the original master tapes by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony, a slipmat, poster, show flyers, signing card, and an LP booklet featuring the story of “Show No Mercy”, written by J. Bennett.

“Show No Mercy (40th Anniversary Edition)”

* Slipcase with gold hot-foil embossing
* Gold Black Dust LP mastered for vinyl from the original master tapes by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony in May 2023
* 12″ LP booklet
* Slipmat
* Poster
* Show flyers
* Signing card

“Show No Mercy” “blood”-filled liquid vinyl:

* Blood-filled liquid vinyl mastered for vinyl from the original master tapes by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony in May 2023
* Limited to 250 copies worldwide!

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Side A

01. Evil Has No Boundaries
02. The Antichrist
03. Die By The Sword
04. Fight Till Death
05. Metal Storm / Face The Slayer

Side B

06. Black Magic
07. Tormentor
08. The Final Command
09. Crionics
10. Show No Mercy

Album lineup:

Tom Araya: vocals, bass
Kerry King: guitars
Jeff Hanneman: guitars
Dave Lomabardo: drums’

SLAYER played its final concert on November 30, 2019 at the Forum in Los Angeles. One day later, Ayesha King, wife of SLAYER guitarist Kerry King, said that there is “not a chance in hell” that the thrash metal icons will reunite for more shows following the completion of their farewell tour.

Back in April 2018, Tom Araya‘s wife said that he had not questioned his decision to embark on one final SLAYER tour before the band called it quits.

Sandra Araya, who has been married to the SLAYER frontman for more than 20 years, told the Metal Pulp And Paper web site that the announcement that the band was pulling the plug on its nearly four-decade-long career didn’t come as a surprise to her. “Not to me,” she said. “I can’t comfortably go into too much detail. I’ll just leave it with a no.”

Asked if the decision to end SLAYER was a difficult one for Tom and Kerry to make, Sandra said: “Tom never second-guesses any decision he makes. I have no idea about Kerry.”

When SLAYER first announced that it was embarking on its final tour back in January 2018, Ayesha assured fans that they would “always get music” from her husband.

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King has said in previous interviews that his post-SLAYER musical efforts would not be much different from the sound fans have grown accustomed to hearing from him.