SABATON To Enter Studio In Early 2024

In a new interview with FaceCulture, SABATON bassist and manager Pär Sundström confirmed that he and his bandmates have been writing material for the follow-up to 2022’s “The War To End All Wars” album. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “SABATON hasn’t been so active touring since we ended the last tour in the spring. We have obviously been busy elsewhere, working on new music. And I’m very excited.”

Referencing the fact that SABATON is known for its lyrics and music videos that tell the stories of real war heroes and historical battles and wars, Sundström stated about a possible lyrical direction for the band’s next LP: “I’m not gonna talk about where we’re gonna go. I just say, okay, we can confirm that we are moving away from the First World War and we are going somewhere else in the history, ’cause we will still sing about history. And we are very excited about the topic that we have chosen.”

Pär went on to say that SABATON will enter the studio “in the beginning of next year. And it already feels very exciting,” he added.

SABATON recently released the animated movie “The War To End All Wars”, which tells the stories from the “The War To End All Wars” album. It begins with “Sarajevo”, a song about the assassination of Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand, which sparked World War I. It ends with “Versailles”, about the 1918 Treaty Of Versailles that ended the war.

SABATON also has the Sabaton History channel on YouTube, which includes historical looks at World War II, Swedish military history and even the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica, among others.

In a recent interview with Lora Vogt, the vice president of education and interpretation at the National WWI Museum And Memorial, America’s leading institution dedicated to remembering, interpreting and understanding the Great War and its enduring impact on the global community, Pär was asked why he and his bandmates have gone to such great lengths to raise awareness on the importance of history and encourage more people to visit their local museums. He said:  ”I never had that ambition in the beginning — never at all. I mean, it was like, ‘Okay, we are a rock band.’ And first of all, we are still a rock band. We’re still a heavy metal band. This is our core. This is what we are best at, so to say, but we realized that there was so much more we can do with the topic that we have chosen. And that’s why all the extensions of what we are doing with various videos and collaborations and these kind of things. Because we have chosen the topic of history and military history, there is a lot more we can do with the brand and with the band. Doubtless, no matter what we do, we are spreading history and, yes, there are various ways of accessing it. And some, they find it great. They listen to a song, and, yes, you can’t maybe learn so much about something in three minutes of it or whatever; we have only a few words. That’s why there are more (details) on our web site. There’s historical articles as well. And we have the history channel where we have documentaries done about every song and you can move on. And if that is not enough for you, then the world is there to discover for them. We cannot be teaching them the depth of a specific project. They can touch us the surface. But I do believe that a person who would spend some time with SABATON and, let’s say, if you would choose and you have school exams in World War I, you can pick up quite a lot by just our web site and what you can get from our songs, our history channel and from that. And after that, I think you can impress your teacher pretty well, if you pay attention, because you will take in quite a lot of information. And the same about a lot of other topics that we have covered in the past as well. So I do believe that you can impress quite a lot with the stuff that we have sort of created around our songs.”

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He continued: “And is it important? I think it is important. I think for anybody who doesn’t understand where we come from, it’s very easy to be judging people or judging the world. If you know the history and if you have seen the history, let’s say, from a more objective point of view, which hopefully people get to do in a free world, so to say, then you get to see, like, ‘Okay, this happened.’ And you’re, like, ‘Aha. So that’s why there is a line on the map that goes like that and it doesn’t cover that city or the line is drawn there. Okay, I get it. Aha. So that’s why this city is called that. Or that’s why we are currently in France, but everybody’s speaking German in this town.’ And these kinds of things. And you get so much more if you pay a little attention to history, and you will also understand, like, ‘Ah, that’s why these people don’t like these people’ or ‘these people really like these people.’ So to give you that kind of more understanding of the world, I don’t think that that can ever be held against you. I don’t see that. I think it’s in your favor. So anybody who has a good knowledge about history, I think that they have hopefully and probably a more humble approach to a lot of things. Sure, there can be leading to a lot of hatred too — that can be true. You can definitely grow that as well. That’s when you make politics out of history, and we try to avoid that. We try to stay ‘history is history.'”

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In September 2022, SABATON announced a new EP trilogy titled “Echoes Of The Great War”. The trilogy features new songs specifically about World War I, coupled with topically related catalog music.

The last EP in the “Echoes Of The Great War” EP trilogy, “Stories From The Western Front”, was made available in April on all platforms. It features a never-heard-before cover of MOTÖRHEAD‘s well-known track “1916”.

SABATON climbed the international charts with its tenth studio album, “The War To End All Wars”, securing No. 1 positions in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Finland. Having achieved the top position for the second time in Germany, Sweden and Finland, the album peaked at No. 1 in Poland, Hungary and Austria for the first time in the band’s career. This and additional outstanding results in other territories have made “The War To End All Wars” SABATON‘s most successful album so far.