OVERKILL’s BOBBY ‘BLITZ’ ELLSWORTH Details His Latest Bout With COVID-19: ‘It Wasn’t Easy’

In a new interview with “THAT Rocks!”, the weekly YouTube series hosted by Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, OVERKILL frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth spoke about his band’s August 6 performance in the parking lot of the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey prior to METALLICA‘s appearance at the venue. Asked if he got a chance to say hello to any of the METALLICA guys, Blitz said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “No, I didn’t. We’d just come off the road and we were trying to fight COVID. We were trying to keep people away from us. And simultaneously we were gonna go to Europe like a day and a half later. And it ended up being canceled because three more guys got it. And it wasn’t just one of those little easy flu kind of things. It was bedridden and a couple of guys were, you know, they were just a mess. So we canceled the other stuff. So I didn’t (see any of the METALLICA guys). I just went home and (put my) head on the pillow and ice on the chest.”

Elaborating on how much his latest bout with COVID put a strain on his health, Bobby said: “Well, it wasn’t easy. I mean, I’ve had it in the past where it’s nothing. You have a sniffle, you have a fever, you know what it is, you test yourself. You go, ‘Ah, I just won’t go give it to somebody,’ you know? And I swear to God, I thought I had somewhere between pneumonia and a sinus infection, you know? And I’m, like, I’ve gotta get better for this METALLICA thing. And then I think I got home (from OVERKILL‘s summer 2023 U.S. tour), and a day later Jason (Bittner, OVERKILL drummer) was, like, ‘I got COVID.’ I’m, like, ‘Oh fuck. I never even thought of this.’ And then, (it turned out that) there was, like, five guys in the band and crew (who contracted COVID), a ton of guests that we had seen in Long Island (at the final show of the U.S. tour on July 30) and prior to that. Obviously, nobody knew — nobody could figure out who patient one was, and who gives a rat’s (ass)? But it wasn’t pleasant. It was a little bit more than that sniffle and ‘who cares’ that I had six, eight months ago.”

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OVERKILL kicked off its “Scorching The Earth” U.S. tour with EXHORDER and HEATHEN on July 13 at the Great American Hall in San Francisco, California. The 16-date trek made stops in Dallas and Silver Springs, among other cities, before ending in Huntington, New York on July 30.

OVERKILL‘s twentieth studio album, “Scorched”, was released in April via Nuclear Blast Records.

Photo by Frank White

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