New Music From KORN Coming In 2024, Says BRIAN ‘HEAD’ WELCH

Brian “Head” Welch says that fans can expect to hear new music from KORN next year.

The 53-year-old guitarist revealed a possible timetable for KORN‘s follow-up to 2022’s “Requiem” during an appearance on “The Joe Kingdom Perspective” podcast.

Speaking about KORN‘s current status, Welch said: “Yeah, (there will be) new music coming out next year. I don’t know. We’re just kind of in hiding right now, just doing our own thing.”

Brian — who rejoined KORN a decade ago, eight years after leaving KORN and at the same time announcing that he kicked his addictions to drugs and alcohol by becoming a born-again Christian — went on to say that there will likely be “a celebration” of the 30th anniversary of KORN‘s debut album in 2024.

“It’s just crazy how the Lord just restored everything,” he said. “A couple of members are on break too, and I took — or one’s out of the band, but one’s on break. And it’s just — it’s all good. I mean, I was gone almost a decade, and I came back. I’ve been back a decade. So you just never know what’s gonna happen.”

Welch officially returned to KORN in 2013, one year after joining the band onstage at the Carolina Rebellion festival in Rockingham, North Carolina to perform “Blind”.

Since his conversion to Christ 18 years ago, Welch has been very open about how God changed his lifestyle and restored his relationship with his daughter.

In recent years, Brian has been preaching that people don’t have to wait until they die to see if having an encounter with the presence of God is real.

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Both Welch and KORN bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu have had highly public, though separate, conversion experiences, ones that have been greeted with a certain amount of skepticism.

Fieldy announced in June 2021 that he would sit out KORN‘s tour in order to “heal” after “falling back” on some of his “bad habits.” He has since been replaced on the road by SUICIDAL TENDENCIES bassist Roberto “Ra” Díaz.

Released in February 2022, “Requiem”, which was produced by Chris Collier and KORN, entered Billboard‘s Hard Rock Albums chart at No. 1. The band sold 23,000 equivalent album units in the February 4-10, 2022 tracking week, according to Billboard. Of that sum, 20,000 units were from album sales. “Requiem” also landed at No. 2 on the Top Rock Albums and Top Alternative Albums charts. On the all-format Billboard 200, it arrived at No. 14.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t performed with his KORN bandmates for nearly more than two years, Fieldy did play on “Requiem”.