Listen: METALLICA’s KIRK HAMMETT Guests On GOODNIGHT, TEXAS’s New Single ‘Runaways’

GOODNIGHT, TEXAS has a new single, “Runaways”, dropping later this month, but instead of the thought-provoking, earthy blend of folk rock they’re known for, the two singer-songwriters, Patrick Dyer Wolf and Avi Vinocur, have instead created a beast of a hard-rock song. Indelible riffs, thundering rhythms and a positively scorching lead guitar, from none other than metal giant and METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett, prove that this band is not afraid to push their own musical boundaries.

“This is the hardest we’ve ever rocked on a recording,” Patrick explains of the new single. “That’s thanks in no small part to an actual and absolute vintage Kirk Hammett wah solo on his legendary Greeny guitar, about which I am self-pinching daily. The main riff of the song had been lurking in my drafts like a caged animal since our last album, and at some point in the past year we decided it was time to set it free.”

He adds: “We’re not abandoning our banjos and mandolins, and in fact, there’s banjo in there; if you squint you can hear it. For now though, we’re slinging double electrics, Scott traded brushes for drumsticks, Chris is grinding the low strings, and we have a metal legend coming in at the 2:25 mark.”

“Runaways” will be released on September 27 on all digital and streaming platforms via 2 Cent Bank Check Records.

Recording credits:

Patrick Dyer Wolf – Lead vocal, guitar, electric piano, banjo
Avi Vinocur – Vocal, guitars
Chris Sugiura – Bass
Scott Padden – Drums
Kirk Hammett – Lead guitar

GOODNIGHT, TEXAS is a tough-to-define storytelling folk rock band whose strength lies in unexpected sweet spots. Drawing their name from Pat and Avi‘s onetime geographic midpoint (the real town of Goodnight in the State of Texas, a tiny hamlet east of Amarillo directly betwixt San Francisco, California and Chapel Hill, North Carolina),the five-piece band also exists at the center of its songwriters’ contrasting styles — via a 1913 Gibson A mandolin and a 2015 Danelectro Baritone Guitar, at the crossroads of folk and blues and rock ‘n’ roll, in a place where dry wit and dark truths meet hope and utmost sincerity.

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GOODNIGHT, TEXAS‘s fourth album, “How Long Will It Take Them To Die”, was released in 2022.

Photo credit: Ross Halfin