KROKUS’s MARC STORACE Says His Upcoming Second Solo Album Will ‘Rock More’ Than ‘Live And Let Live’

In a new interview with, KROKUS frontman Marc Storace confirmed that he is working on the follow-up to his debut solo album, “Live And Let Live”, which was made available in Switzerland in December 2021 and was released in North America in February 2022. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Tommy Henriksen of the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES and Alice Cooper band, he lives an hour and a half away from me here (in Switzerland), and he’s producing my new album. And, yeah, I’m really happy with the songs. Tommy is a great songwriter and he’s also a great engineer, producer, whatever — he can do it. And so I’m looking forward to (getting it recorded). I just signed a new record contract with Frontiers. So you’re gonna be hearing more from me, my band, STORACE, within the next years, as well as the reunited KROKUS, obviously.”

Speaking in more detail about the recording process for his upcoming second solo album, Marc said: “This is the most differently done album — it will be — that I’ve ever done. Because I started off recording lead vocals in (Tommy‘s) little studio at home. Then I continued recording lead vocals at our drummer’s place outside Lausanne, in the French part of Switzerland. And then recently I started recording lead vocals down at this guy — his name’s V.O. And he’s got this studio where he records a lot of heavy metal. And it’s got a great sound and I love recording with him ’cause he understands what I’m going for. So, so far I’ve recorded in three different places. But you know how it is nowadays — nowadays you can record the drums in the end. You have a demo, click track or whatever, and record to that — as long as you can feel good doing it and put your heart and soul into it like it’s a finished thing. But I’m a hardened singer, and my fantasy is always vivid and alive. And so I enjoyed recording every track. And in the end, when Tommy comes back from the tour of his own with Alice Cooper, he’s gonna dive into this and put all the bits and pieces together and check out what needs to be done, what needs to be re-recorded. And obviously there’s gonna be some stuff which I did, which even I would like to re-record. But we have time. We’re not planning to release until next — I don’t know, it’s gonna be May, June, I guess. And then then do festivals and tour and go whichever way the wind blows.”

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Regarding the musical direction of his new solo material, Storace said: “‘Live And Let Live’ was more experimental. I was spreading my wings and I had a lot of elbow room. And now we decided to go more in a hard rock direction — not trying to be like KROKUS or anyone else, but with the sound that I have and even new sounds coming into it and ideas coming from Tommy and the bandmembers. It’s gonna be more of a party atmosphere in there as well, as well as a couple of more serious songs. At the same time, there’s variety in the album. But we’re still far from the release date and things can develop and happen and go different ways and new songs can be written in the meantime. But the main thing I’d like to say is it’s gonna rock — it’s gonna rock more than the first one.”

KROKUS has been playing sporadic shows in recent years, including the Riverside Aarburg festival in late August.

In September 2022, KROKUS played a special concert on the steps of the St. Ursus Cathedral in Solothurn, Switzerland. In addition, Solothurn honored the band with a “Stone Of Honor” on its 2000th anniversary. KROKUS also returned to the “holy ground of rock” in Switzerland, the Hallenstadion in Zürich, on May 6, 2023.

Three years ago, KROKUS postponed what was supposed to be the band’s last-ever concerts in USA and Canada due to the coronavirus pandemic that was sweeping the globe.

When KROKUS first announced its decision to embark on a farewell tour in September 2018, the band explained in a statement: “KROKUS shows have always been special and should stay that way. That’s why we decided to stop when it’s still really good. That’s how the fans should remember us.”

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Formed in 1975, KROKUS has sold over 15 million records, toured the world, and received gold and platinum discs in the USA and Canada. KROKUS was also the first Swiss band to sell out Hallenstadion and has received a diamond disc for selling one million albums in Switzerland alone.

In the course of its career, KROKUS has rocked over 2,000 shows on five continents, countless cities, unique locations, crazy gigs, and loyal fans.

English rock journalist Malcolm Dome quite rightly said: “If you look at the long-term output of this band, KROKUS is clearly one of the best hard rock bands of the last 40 years.”