HANSI KÜRSCH Explains Why No Members Of BLIND GUARDIAN Have Tattoos

In a new interview with Brazil’s Heavy Talk, BLIND GUARDIAN frontman Hansi Kürsch was asked why he and his bandmates seemingly don’t have any tattoos. He responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We’re in no way typical. I mean, what we’re doing we’re doing with passion, and (tattoos) never appealed to any one of us. We’re not against tattoos, but it won’t suit me. I have very thin arms, for example, so the tattoo would fall off, so there’s no need for it. And the other guys, they always thought the same way. But again, it’s also a question of region where you come from. I don’t identify myself with tattoos. I see a lot of people wearing tattoos, and I’m just, like, ‘Okay, it’s a fashion.’ That’s not what tattoos are supposed to be. And this is why I’m not keen (on) getting a tattoo because it’s not my ideology, it’s not my way of thinking.”

BLIND GUARDIAN‘s latest album, “The God Machine”, was released last September via Nuclear Blast. The cover artwork for the CD was designed by Peter Mohrbacher.

Prior to “The God Machine”‘s arrival, BLIND GUARDIAN‘s latest release was the all-orchestral album “Twilight Orchestra: Legacy Of The Dark Lands”, which came out in November 2019 via Nuclear Blast. To create the concept, lead guitarist André Olbrich and Kürsch worked alongside German bestselling author Markus Heitz, whose novel “Die Dunklen Lande” was released in March 2019. The book is set in 1629 and contains the prequel to “Legacy Of The Dark Lands”.

BLIND GUARDIAN‘s previous “regular” studio album, “Beyond The Red Mirror”, was issued in 2015. It was the band’s first LP since 2010’s “At The Edge Of Time”, marking the longest gap between two studio albums in BLIND GUARDIAN‘s career. It was also the group’s first album without bassist Oliver Holzwarth since 1995’s “Imaginations From The Other Side”.

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BLIND GUARDIAN‘s core trio consists of Kürsch, lead guitarist André Olbrich and rhythm guitarist Marcus Siepen. Drummer Frederik Ehmke has been with the group since 2005.

Drummer Thomen Stauch played on BLIND GUARDIAN‘s first seven albums before being replaced by Ehmke. Frederik made his recording debut with BLIND GUARDIAN on 2006’s “A Twist In The Myth”.

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